Magic Mountain January Announcements 2018

Six Flags Magic Mountain is kicking off their new operating schedule for the 2018 season with some give-aways and promotional offers.

Magic Mountain announce they will be open 365 consecutive days, this began back in Dec. 18th of 2017 and they will stay open everyday until Dec. 5th of 2018.


First of, Six Flags has a challenge for us, thrill-seekers:

Be the pass holder to visit SFMM the most times in 2018

& WIN an “All-In 2019 Season Pass”

Challenge accepted anyone??

So far no details are given on what is included in the “All-In 2019 Season Pass,” but my guess is it will be an all-inclusive Magic Mountain & Hurricane Harbor park pass with a dining meal. But all that is just speculation, looking forward to seeing you the lucky Magic Mountain enthusiast will be to receive the “All-In 2019 Season Pass.”


Secondly, SF Magic Mountain will have a special event the second week of January:

The first 365 visitors to the park each day, from Jan 9th – 13th will receive FREE GIFTS – while supplies last, of course.

SEE YOU THERE! I look forward to seeing what goodies we will handed out.


And lastly, every month we will get a special treat – discounted food and retail items!

The first 5 days of every month, exclusive food and retail items will only be $3.65.

Now compared to some regular prices and food and retail, this seems like a nice discount – but we will have to wait and see if any of these items are actually items I would buy.

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