New Year, New Six Flags MM: Free Goodies & Improvements to the Park

New Six Flags Magic Mountain sign to remind everyone, the thrill capitol of the world will be open 365 day a year.

IMG_0521[1]I miss the old Six Flags entrance sign, but this is cool too.

For being one of the first 365 visitor each (Jan 8th-13th) day Six Flags was giving some items away.

I was able to visit on the 12th, and this is what I got:

I visited again on the 13th, and I say this was better swag than the day before:

No more Christmas tree, instead we have freshly planted flowers and small shrubs in the DC area.IMG_0497

Also some clean up and pruning, in preparation for spring roses near the Scream! ride.IMG_0493[1]

Also some work was being done in the back of Six Flags Emporium.


For those who say Magic Mountain is dirty and not kept up, I would disagree. I do believe they care about the aesthetics of the park and are actively trying to improve.

What do you think?

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