Changes Coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2018


As you walk in you notice something missing….


No more Cold Stones Creamery in sight! 

Oh, the horror…the only place t get some refreshing ice cream in this warm Cali weather will be one of the ice cream stands or settle for dipping dots…

Overheard from an employee that Cold Stone’s contract with Six Flags MM ended in 2017. So both Cold Stones locations are vacant now. Rumor has it, maybe another ice cream place may replace it or a cafe or coffee shop. I am excited to see what it will be! Stay with us and we will keep you posted!

What would you guys like to see go in these vacant buildings???


And a restaurant closed.

This was Los Cuates Mexican restaurant next to the go carts. Per the sign at the window, we are redirected to Food Etc. by Goliath if we want to indulge in Six Flag’s Mexican food options. I did not get a chance to try the food from this location I kept putting it off, now I guess we miss out on it.

Did any one got a chance to try their food let me know what did you like ?


Lots of construction going on inside Six Flags Magic Mountain:

The Scrambler is closed down, probably in preparation for the re-do of the bumper cars.


The demolition of the bumper car area has began.


Continued construction site on what will be the new Crazanity ride. Here are some behind the scenes pics.


And painting has begun on the new rethemed “Boardwalk” in the carnival game area near Crazanity.


As well as lots more construction going on right outside of Six Flags.


There is a very large lot behind Apocalypse that is being worked on by big trucks.

Speculation is that this will be a housing track – I would think the noise would bother some people as the construction is literally on the road right behind the Apocalypse ride.

For me personally, would have thought it would be awesome for Six Flags to offer their employees discounted housing, but who am I kidding? That’s very unlikely…

What do you think will be going in behind Six Flags Magic Mountain?

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